Frequently Asked Questions

Do my students need to register?
No, students do not need to, and cannot register by themselves. You must add students to each assignment when you create or edit the assignment. When you are finished marking a student's assignment, you can click the 'send' link next to the student's name to send them a link to view their marks.
Can I delete assignments?
Yes, you can delete assignments by clicking the 'purge' button at the top right of every page. This will delete the assignment and all related data. That means all students, rubrics, criteria, and marks will also be deleted. Be careful. This cannot be undone, and any deleted assignments (along with all related data) are gone for good.
How do I add pictures to assignment descriptions?
Currently, you can only add a link to an existing image hosted somewhere on the Internet. For example, you could enter links to images on your blog, on your school's website, or even in a Content Distribution Network (CDN) if you have one.
Do rubric values need to total 100?
No, rubric values do not need to total 100. Rubric values are calculated automatically as the sum of the individual criterion added to the rubric. When marks are displayed, students will see three numbers:
  1. the face value mark (how many points they earned out of the rubric criteria). eg: 73/80
  2. the weighted assignment mark (how many points they earned in terms of their final course grade) eg: 18.3/20
  3. the percentage mark (the percent mark for the assignment.) eg: 91.5%
Can I backup the assignments I create?
You can export any assignment by clicking the 'export' link in the assignment tasks pane. This will save a full backup of the assignment, including criteria, to your system. Students and marks are not included in the backup. This allows you to re-create an assignment by using our import form and uploading an Assignment Export file.
Can I create assignments offline and import them?
Yes! Download the starter assignment template (right click and save link as...) and simply edit it in a text editor: Notepad, SublimeText BBEdit... but not Word, Pages, or Wordpad. The file is in JSON format. You must edit it carefully to preserve the JSON data structure. Read more about JSON format here. Validate your assignment file here before uploading. When you are finished, go to our Import tool to upload your file. If all goes well, your new assignment and all its rubric criteria will be created for you.
I have an idea for a great feature. Will you add it?
Probably not. The goal with EasyMark is to keep it simple, unencumbered by extra features. If the app currently does not do everything you need, then it's probably not the right app for your purposes.